yoga 2

Well, I am still doing yoga but as of today I have ventured off of my 30 day dedicate journey. I did a ‘yoga for weight loss’ today instead. I am enjoying doing yoga. I’ve noticed I am more flexible in my hips and lower back and I can see a new strength in my upper body. I feel more in tune with myself and more whole inside. I picture a big ripe red apple, radiating with light right in my center. It’s a great feeling to have. I do love yoga.

However, I am on a mission to lose 12 more pounds, to reach my pre baby weight. I am doing amazing thus far and want to keep that going. I haven’t gained weight since starting yoga. I’ve actually stayed the same. I just don’t want it to set me back in that goal. So next week I am going to start Liift4 (weight lifting and hiit) again. I hope to include yoga once a week still and once I reach my goal I’d love to start yoga back up. I just feel that right now it won’t help me to achieve the goal I’ve set for myself, to lose the rest of my baby weight.

I do keep going back and fourth in my mind about this. Mainly because I am loving how I’m feeling mentally and even physically since starting yoga. But I just really want to reach my weight goal. The struggle mentally has been real, so I need to find a balance with the two and find my happy place. After all, there is no end date to living a healthy lifestyle. Once I reach my goal I will continue to be active and eat well, so why not enjoy the process? Ahh, the dreaded mental banter going on inside my head about it.

whatever I choose, I am still being active. I started out needing to lose 18 pounds to reach my goal weight and I am now 12 pounds away. I feel great, mentally and physically, having lost the first 6. I can’t wait to see how much better I feel losing the rest.

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