Keep Moving Forward

“Keep moving, keep growing, keep pushing through obstacles, keep evolving. You break through at one level, arrive at the next, and take another step up. Each time you grow, you get to learn something new, which basically means you have to get uncomfortable again. Because when you arrive at a level you’ve never been at before, you’re faced with challenges you’ve never faced before. It’s the willingness to push through new challenges, not shrink back from them into your comfort zone, that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.” – You are a Badass. By Jen Sincero

Today I finished the book I’d been reading, You are a Badass. The paragraph above really stuck out to me because it’s absolutely 100% true. And I’ve experienced it so many times throughout my life.

Sitting here thinking about where my life is now, how I got here and some of the hardest times I’ve gotten through, makes me wonder how the heck I’ve made it this far. Between others doubting me and me doubting myself at times, here I am, stronger than ever and the happiest I’ve ever been. How did I do it? I kept going. Whether is was my personal, social or work life, I refused to ever settle. I kept moving in a direction I knew was right for ME. I didn’t let the uncomfortable get in the way. I had my mind set and stuck to it. I envisioned my life a certain way and here I am, right where I should be. It’s amazing what you can manifest from the right thinking. Mental strength is a very powerful thing. I almost enjoy exercising my mental strength more than my physical strength. But I think a lot of my mental strength started to develop when I started getting physically fit and pushing myself.

When I decided to get physically fit 7 years ago that spiraled into many many positive changes in my life, which I believe still contributes to the way I live my life today. After all, deciding to be active/healthy/fit is 100% a lifestyle. To me it’s not only about looking and feeling good, it’s about having a healthy mind set as well. Today my mind is feeling very strong, positive, eager to learn and ready to keep growing and expanding. I refuse to ever stay stagnant. Life is to short to have a small mind and a sad life.

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