I was going to do a quick post on facebook about taking the time and effort into making myself look presentable today but I thought I haven’t written a blog post in over a month so here I am.

I’ll be 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow (7 weeks remain, give or take). To be totally honest these last 3 or 4 weeks have been rough. I’ve been incredibly lucky to not have any health issues my pregnancy thus far and I’m very thankful for that but the weight of being pregnant has been bearing down on me hard. Each day is literally a struggle for me. It’s hard to do everything, EVERYTHING! Sitting here writing this I’m incredibly uncomfortable. The only time I feel half normal is when I’m laying down in bed. That’s the only time I somewhat forget I have a giant belly and weigh a ton, until I try to roll over or get out of bed. Then reality sets back in. But what ya gonna do. That’s pregnancy right?! I personally do not enjoy it and really haven’t the entire time. If you do good for you but this chick isn’t a fan. I could go into the many many reasons why but that’s not really what this post is about.

Today I took the time to pamper myself. I took the time to shower, wash my hair, shave, everything that used to be a given in my life but is incredibly draining to do while you’re pregnant so you basically give up eventually. I took the time to do my hair and makeup and to wear something that wasn’t sweats and one of Nick’s t-shirts. And ya know what, I felt pretty damn good after the fact. Do I have anywhere to go today? Nope. But I knew it was important for my mental health to make myself feel good today. To feel like I haven’t just lost all my good looks and my once fit body to this pregnancy. So that’s what I did today. Yay me, right?! lol

Other than that I am incredibly anxious and excited for our little girl to be here. The reality of it is setting in more and more. She’s doing really well in there. She is very active and just recently started kicking at my ribs and making me feel like I got the wind knocked out of me as I just sit on the couch lol Her heartbeats have all been strong and everything looks great. I love her to pieces already and can’t wait to meet her.

Despite the hardships that do come along with pregnancy I am one to always look at the positives, even when it’s hard to find them at times. I’m so lucky to be able to be a mom and I have the best husband who’s going to make an incredible father. I’m thankful for my good health this pregnancy as well. Things can always be worse so I’m very great full.

Here’s to 7 more weeks (give or take)!
photo is of me today.

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